“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.  Make big plans; aim high in hope and work.”

– Daniel Burnham

Tiffany & Leo Resig+

Tiffany & Leo Resig, The Proprietors

Phil Staehle+

Phil Staehle, The Winemaker

Zach Johnsen+

Zach Johnsen, The Artist

Tiffany & Leo Resig

Tiffany & Leo Resig, The Proprietors

Wine. Art. Family. Resign Wine was launched in 2015 combining our love for wine and art, with a dream of building a family business.

Tiffany is a former advertising executive and a certified yoga instructor.  While hustling for advertising dollars in Chicago and Los Angeles, she also learned how to successfully navigate a wine list.  Striving for balance while doing it all, Tiffany runs the business and raises the couple’s two young children.  In her spare time, you can find her practicing yoga… with a wine glass in hand.

Leo is a serial entrepreneur.  He loves building new businesses and learning new industries.  Brands and marketing have always fascinated Leo and he is thankful to dream and expand on the Resign Wine brand together with his wife.  In Leo’s spare time, you can find him with his family, enjoying a good fire… with a wine glass in hand.

The couple has passed their Level 1 Sommelier exams with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and are continuing their wine studies with the WSET.

Home is in Austin, TX with their two children.

Tiffany & Leo Resig can be contacted at resignwine@gmail.com.


Phil Staehle

Phil Staehle, The Winemaker

With over 32 years experience, Phil Staehle is our talented winemaker.  Born and raised in Lake County, Phil grew up in the wine industry.  Phil studied at UC Davis and then returned home to Sonoma.  He worked at Carmenet, which is part of the Chalone Wine Group, before creating his own label, Enkidu Wines.  Phil has been producing award-winning wines under Enkidu for 18 years. 

Together, we create wines that are first and foremost an embodiment of the vineyard.  Our wines are small-lot and hand-crafted.  Phil employs a minimalist approach with his winemaking, which results in balanced, yet complex wines.

Phil resides in Sonoma with his wife and his beloved winery-dog, Anu.


Zach Johnsen

Zach Johnsen, The Artist

Zach is an artist and designer.  Working in graphite, watercolor, pen & ink, and acrylic – Zach’s art is an explosion of lines and colors influenced by infomercials, cartoons, sweets, and the over-consumption of today’s popular culture.

Zach’s ongoing series titled “Acid in the Ice Cream” is large scale graphite and watercolor artwork.  The series captures his subject, overwhelmed in mid explosion.  Zach’s work continues to be rotated at The Cave Gallery in Venice Beach, CA.



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