Location, location, location

Top vineyard sites are a fundamental component of our wines.  We source from organically farmed vineyards, many of which are small-family owned.  These hardworking and talented Sonoma County growers reflect a passion for producing the finest grapes possible.  Hand-harvested, premium grapes go into the production of Resign Wine.

Tina Marie Vineyard

Location: The Green Valley of Russian River Valley has become synonymous with outstanding Pinot Noir.  Located in Green Valley, the Tina Marie Vineyard is one of the most esteemed vineyards in all of Sonoma County.

Wines: Our Liberator Pinot Noir is comprised of 75% Tina Marie grapes.  We also offer a single-vineyard designate Tina Marie Pinot Noir – produced specifically from this special vineyard.

About the vineyard: Veteran owner and grower Ron Black meticulously laid out this vineyard with dense plantings, resulting in low yields and quality fruit.  The vineyard is a balance of Dijon 115 and 667 clones – known for producing wines with the silky tannins and bright red fruit.  Tina Marie’s rich Goldridge soil, with a little extra clay, holds a bit more moisture, all culminating to produce exceptionally structured and aromatic wines.

Robledo Family Vineyard

Location: Located 1 mile from the Coast, our Chardonnay grapes enjoy the coolest climate that Sonoma has to offer.  This produces wines that are higher in acidity and lower in alcohol.

Wines: John’s Chardonnay is 100% sourced from the Robledo Family Vineyard.  2018 is our first vintage of Chardonnay.  

About the vineyard: Formerly a Mexican migrant vineyard worker, Reynaldo Robledo is the embodiment of the American Dream. Robledo was the first Mexican vineyard worker to establish a tasting room in the US, and one of the first to own his own winery.  Today 6 of his 9 children manage the vineyard, winery and business operations.  Mr. Robledo still enjoys working in the vineyards alongside his children and grandchildren who have inherited the same passion for this industry that he fell in love with years ago.

MacLeod Family Vineyard

Location: Located in the Sonoma Valley AVA, the MacLeod family began developing their land in 1974.  Initially, the grounds consisted of some ancient fruit trees, acres of golden grass, and plenty of rocks.  The vines are located on north-facing slopes which protect the grapes from hot afternoon sun.  Maritime breezes coming down the Valley from the northwest provide effective cooling.

Wines: We source grapes from the MacLeod Family for our Sauvignon Blanc.  The clone, FPMS 01, has the longest history in the UC Davis program.

About the vineyard: MacLeod Family Vineyard is a four-generation family business, the realization of a family dream.  Their goal is to grow grapes and make wine sustainably that express the unique terroir of their Sonoma Valley vineyard.  The hillside soils for the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are lean, rocky and shallow.  Production is small, which produces premium fruit with outstanding aromas and flavors.

Grist Vineyard

Location: Grist Vineyard is located 1,000 feet above the Dry Creek Valley floor, sitting on top of Bradford Mountain.  Above the fog line, this location provides decreased humidity, increased hours of sunshine, and the cool afternoon breeze making this site a truly, unique vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley AVA.

Wines: We source Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Grist.  The clone is musque clone Sauvignon Blanc.

About the vineyard: Grist Vineyard is named for the old gristmill, still on the property.  Planted by the Hambrecht Family in 1974, the land has been organically farmed since 2003 with a focus on sustainable farming.  The vines are cane pruned and sit in iron-rich, red volcanic soils that stress the vines into low yielded and concentrated fruit.  

Atoosa Vineyard

Location: West of Santa Rosa in the southern Russian River Valley, the Atoosa Vineyard has been the source of some of the finest California Syrah in Sonoma County.  At the southern end of RRV, Atoosa still gets plenty of fog and cold nights, but with its location on the eastern border, the fog tends to diminish throughout the morning and allows the vineyard to warm up fairly early in the day.

Wines: Atoosa’s Syrah grapes go into our single varietal Happy Trails Syrah, and our Proprietary Red Blend, Anchors Away.  

About the vineyard: Owner Tuck Bierbaum’s wife, Atoosa, planted Syrah in honor of her Persian heritage, where Syrah is believed to have originated.  Tuck still farms the 7.6-acre vineyard.  This cooler climate vineyard harvests late in the year, toward the end of October or even into November.

Belden Barns

Location: Perched at 1,000 feet on the northwest side of Sonoma Mountain, Belden has a unique location which provides ideal grape-growing conditions… morning fog, afternoon sun, pacific breezes, and ancient volcanic soils.  The elevation provides relief on hot days, an important element as grape quality can suffer at higher temperatures.  Belden is an ideal location for sourcing cool-climate grapes.

Wines: Belden’s Syrah grapes go into our single varietal Happy Trails Syrah, and our Proprietary Red Blend, Anchors Away.  

About the vineyard: Dave Steiner was one of the first to plant grapes in the Sonoma Mountain AVA / Bennett Valley AVA.  Steiner was viewed as a pioneer when he established the vineyard in the early 1970s.  The vineyard has changed hands over the years, now owned by husband-wife team Nate & Lauren Belden since 2005.